MECHAGOD 20"x24" GICLÈE PRINT (2nd Edition)
MECHAGOD 20"x24" GICLÈE PRINT (2nd Edition)

MECHAGOD 20"x24" GICLÈE PRINT (2nd Edition)

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The First Edition 1/50 of the MechaGodzilla has Sold out!!!

Thank you so much for the support and interest in my artworks.

Due to how quickly the first edition has sold out, we will be taking a 48 hour (unless limited is reached early) pre order for the Second Edition.

The First Edition shows the MechaGodzilla exactly as it exists, with original margins as well as the original paper tone, giving it a more “authentic feel”.

This print has not been altered from the original painting in any way.

The Second edition will be cropped into show an altered but clean border, with white margin, and will be made in a larger number.

Each print comes signed, numbered and ships in a large 3” thick reusable enclosed tube.

We would like to Guarantee shipping by Christmas, but due to the nature of time and the holidays we cannot absolutely promise it will make it.

We expect to have all prints shipped before December 21st.

Sunset Velvet 315g (Textured Rag)

• Natural White Paper

• 315 g Textured Rag

 100% cotton rag base, with a velvet (etching like) surface

• Shipped in a super safe 30 inch tube with a 6inch diameter width.....pause

• Comes with a free 5" MECHAGOD sticker