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Back in March, Like most of the world I decided I would start riding a bike again. 

Quarantine has been pretty lame other than the time it has allowed to explore or re discover things that I truly enjoy doing everyday. 

Cycling or Riding a bike, whatever you want to call it, has become a part of my daily routine and I honestly am a little disappointed in myself for ever getting " too busy" to enjoy something I truly love in life. 

With that being said...People in cars are trying to kill me, and as much as I enjoy a good thrill the hood of a 96 Prelude is not how I want to leave Earth. 

The "Dont Kill Me" REFLECTIVE Hot Sausage Boyz Bike Club Tee is a gentle reminder for those behind you to be a little more conscious of your existence and the consequences of not paying attention. 

Due to the unfortunate truth of this message being applicable across many circumstances in life, there is minimal branding and MAXIMUM message so that even if you dont ride a bike, you may find it speaks for you also. 


Don't Kill Me



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